Sunday, 27 March 2011

Issue eleven// Eche Udeze


dismember all important parts

leave him a bloodied mess of thick glass
shattered in sunlight ---------disorganized in fragments
of hurt

all connected atop of neck is disheveled
a bum head ---------derelict daze ---------thick matted
hairy knots of flesh

and when cleaning

make sure not to dirty your own
clean hands

leave all in pails w/amber soaked mop

wring out all traces of emotion from frame

and no lights on in the rooms where
he spent his life


her coronation ---------speaks
of ariel dancing on the sun

when my in drifts ---------towards her
now as if dirt rallied by wind
the triumph is ---------oblivion w/my
right hand

her dissension
is the freefall of a ---------liquor bottle
shattering into glint ---------off sun

ariel has landed
sinking into a stare as ---------empty
as an idiot ---------who refuses to take in
the last gust of the muses harp

her memory a scattering clutter
in a vacuous free space ---------I cannot forget

© Eche Udeze 2011