Sunday, 27 March 2011

Issue eleven// Jack C. Buck

A girl named Savannah

Savannah used to have a fella who would come through her apartment door with an anxious to see you smile. They met at the university. The friends and families celebrated with the two at their summer wedding four years back. They were so excited about life, all the possibilities it had. They even bought a nice home on Elk St. to call their own. Her husband no longer greets her with the boyish smile of excitement when he steps through the door. The door slams shut at 5:21, unless he stops after work to purchase some milk - then it’s around 5:33; depending on who is working behind the cash register on that particular day. Men drive cars. Men watch television. Men drink beers instead of splitting red wine with their once adored wives. Men fuck 19-year-old Asian girls with their right hand in front of the glow of a computer screen. Men stay busy.

© Jack C. Buck 2011
Jack C. Buck’s three favorite things in life are baseball, summers in Michigan, and literature. Especially by a man with the last name Fitzgerald. He is currently trying to figure out where to go next in the grand play of life. After attending Central Michigan University where he studied the art of greed and the illusion of democracy of Political Science, he realised thereafter the importance of not getting in a huff and puff about what you can't control.