Sunday, 27 March 2011

Issue eleven// Ted Jean


---… construction on the Hawthorne Bridge
---has things backed up to the Central Ex …

You found again love long mislaid,
where last you left it, home,
bringing a ring to bind what was ever bound.

---… bleeding in the 400 block of SW Mill;
---police are looking for a Hispanic man in his …

Betrayal, it seems, once practiced, is everywhere
apprehended. But, without a hitch,
the golden yoke I greeted, glad, and fastened.

---… an alternate route is advised. On a more
---upbeat note, today marks the kick-off of …

Regret is an astringent rinse, has sharpened
your sight, my sweet, of old love in a new light.

© Ted Jean 2011
Ted Jean is a recently retired AIG executive. He writes, paints, plays lots of tennis. In the past year, his work has appeared in Poetry Quarterly, Denver Syntax, Blue Earth Review, Cirque, The Centrifugal Eye and several other publications.